Some problems can be shared with friends, whereas other problems are better discussed with a professional. You may want to talk to a professional about more private issues or problems with your child or other relationships that have become a cause for constant psychological pain and needs to be resolved. This is when you seek out a psychologist for counselling.

Counselling is sometimes called ‘talking therapy’ because the client and the practitioner talk through the client’s issues. The talking generally leads the client to insights about his or her perception and behaviours, or the practitioner may point out discrepancies or ask the client to think of other actions or reasons rather than those put forward by the client, ‘reframing’ a situation from another angle.

Most psychologists provide clients with practical ‘homework’, especially if they use the popular and evidence-based cognitive behaviour therapy. Psychologists may, however, make use of a variety of therapies, depending on the client and their particular needs.

Often the effort of focusing on the problem rather than ignoring it tends to make a positive difference. Some issues can be dealt with in a few sessions, whereas other issues can take a few months to resolve. For more information please contact me.