Where are the extended norms for WISC-V?

This consultancy specialises in assessing children who are potentially gifted. Although the updated WISC-V was first published in USA in December 2014, the Australian standardised version only became available in March 2016. The publishers Pearson suggests an 8 to 12 month transition period for the purchase of the updated test for practitioners. So I have been waiting for the extended norms to be published before making the purchase. Without extended norms the Full Scale IQ score cannot be calculated beyond 160, whereas with extended norms it can be calculated up to 210, an essential calculation in case an exceptionally or profoundly gifted child arrives for testing. Pearson stated in their Canadian FAQs for WISC-V that the extended norms will be published within 18 months of the publication of WISC-V. This has not happened yet, and it makes no sense to assess a potentially gifted child with an instrument that cannot identify the exceptionally or profoundly gifted. So, until the extended norms are published, this consultancy will continue to assess children with the WISC-IV. If you would like to enquire about fees or make an appointment pleaseĀ send an email andĀ I will endeavour to respond on the same day.

POST SCRIPT. I finally purchased the WISC-V later in 2017 as I could not keep working with a superseded IQ test.