Giftedness for early childhood educators

Giftedness for early childhood educators provides you with everything you weren’t taught about gifted children while you were studying.

It is estimated that there is at least one gifted child in every early childhood service, but a recent study showed that more than two thirds of early childhood educators have received no training about giftedness.

Giftedness for early childhood educators was written specifically to help understand giftedness, identify and program for gifted preschoolers, and advise their parents, thus filling the gap.

The challenge is often in identifying moderately gifted children – not necessarily Einsteins but children who would benefit greatly, both intellectually and socially, from an accelerated learning program and placement among like-minded peers.

The book covers a range of issues from anxiety to bossiness, meltdowns, and socio-economic differences to school readiness.

Topics covered include:
• Characteristics, such as intensity often exhibited by gifted children
• Identification
• Cultural differences in gifted children
• NSW education departments’ gifted policy
• Parent advice
• Regulation requirements
• Programming
• Social skills
• Useful contacts

Armed with this knowledge educators will feel more confident to work with gifted preschooler’s needs. The book is only available through this ORDER FORM