Identification Package for children over 7 years

For children over 7 years

Fee Schedule 2023

Session 1 – Initial Interview with Parent(s) (1 hour)

This is an essential session that provides important background information on the child.

  • General discussion on family relationships
  • Child’s social/emotional development
  • Developmental Questionnaire
  • Introversion-Extraversion Continuum
  • Child Behaviour Checklist
  • Characteristics of Giftedness

Session 2 – Testing Administration of child (2 hours)

The combination of assessments used ensure a comprehensive reading of child’s intellectual, behavioural and emotional states, strengths and needs.

The following assessments are used:

  • WISC-V
  • Baron Emotional Quotient Inventory – Youth Version
  • Child Behavior Checklist ASEBA 2000

*For a small additional fee a reading assessment (Neale Analysis of Reading Ability) and a spelling test are also available if required.

Session 3 – Report and final consultation (1 hour)

  • Discussion on report of all test results and child’s responses.
  • Recommendations: Best school/class placement for child
  • During an assessment we may also pick up the likelihood of learning problems and suggest you book in for an additional WAIS-III achievement assessment
  • Enrichment/extension opportunities within or outside school setting
  • Questions answered
  • Handouts provided
  • A comprehensive written report will be given to parents
  • Referrals to other specialists (where needed) will be discussed