Victory for early entry in Victoria

For those who do not know, I have a gifted consultancy with a website, and I can be contacted via email through the website. As it is available on the world wide web, I sometimes get email enquiries from other parts of the country. Last August I received an email from a mother in Ballarat, Victoria, who thought she had a very gifted little girl, and had read my article on early entry (available on this website). She wanted more information, and I sent her some advice.

I suggested that she should have her little girl’s IQ tested, so that she had some credible evidence to show the school where she intended to enrol her child. Yesterday she contacted me again to thank me, and to let me know the outcome of her attempts at enrolling her daughter in a school. Suffice it to say that the first school would not enrol her child, as they thought her too young. But mum did not give up, and finally found a school principal who was willing to enrol her child. She writes that her daughter had no problem settling in, and was more ready than some of the older children who are in her class. The story made the front page of the Ballarat Courier. Please find the link for the local news story.