If you are a parent new to giftedness, here is a short introductory webinar about what to do with your gifted toddler:

You can also purchase the three affordable webinars below either individually or as a set of 3. To access the parent webinars fill in this form.

Parent Webinar 1 – What is giftedness (24 minutes)

This is the first of a 3-part webinar series for parents about giftedness. This first webinar provides you with the background to giftedness: What is giftedness, what does being ‘gifted’ mean, historical background about suppression of intellect, and current issues you may meet as a parent of a gifted child.

Fee: $25

Parent Webinar 2 – Identification (38 minutes)

This second webinar for parents of gifted children provides information about the initial ways you can identify if your child is gifted. You will be informed about the basic characteristics and observed behaviours of gifted children. The webinar also provides information about cognitive assessment (IQ testing), early entry to school, and other important things you need to know.

Fee: $25

Parent Webinar 3 – Twice exceptionality, choosing preschools, schools, and next steps (19 minutes)

This is the third of a 3-part webinar for parents about young gifted children. The focus of webinar 2 is the elusive “giftedness and something else”. It includes a section about over-excitabilities (OEs), twice-exceptionality (2e’s), teases out the difference between giftedness and characteristics of children on the autism spectrum, and provides information about how gifted characteristics may change in twice exceptional children. Advice is also provided about preschools and schools: what to expect, what to ask, and what actions you can take.

Fee: $25

Fee for set of all 3 webinars is $60.
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